1. What - tested areas

  • What areas, modules, functions or features are tested?

2. Why - goal and focus

  • What is the high level goal of the testing session?
  • What practical information for the project should this testing session produce? For example, analyse performance, find faults in a specific function, asses suitability to intended use, validate or verify functionality, regression test, confirm fixes, ...
  • Is testing focusing to some specific defect or problem types?
  • From whose viewpoint testing is performed?
  • Product risks that should be addressed.

3. How - approach

  • How the testing is going to be performed?
  • Specific test techniques or tactics to use?
  • Testing data that is used or has to be created.
  • Tools

4. Exploration log

SESSION START TIME:  2022-03-14 13:30
DURATION (hours): 1:45
TESTER: Tim Tester
BUILD: 1.34
ENVIRONMENT: Windows 10 + SP1

4.1 Data files
  • Any used or created test data files

4.2 Test notes
  • Test notes that describe what was done, and how.
  • Detailed enough to be able to use in briefing the test session with other persons.
  • Detailed enough to be able to reproduce failures.

4.3 Bugs
  • Defect tracking system bug ID:s and optionally short descriptions

4.4 Issues
  • Any observations, issues, new feature requests and questions that came up during testing but were not reported as bugs.


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