Here is Digital sculpture 1 course schedule:

05.09.2021   Introduction 3D modeling with Rhino – Interface

06.09.2021  3D modeling with Rhino  Tony Cragg, Zaha Hadid and  Xavier Veilhan

12.09.2021  3D printing and printers : Prepairing models for 3d printing with Cura software and Ultimaker printers

13.09.2021  3D printing at Fablab

19.09.2021   3D modeling with Rhino

20.09.2021   3D modeling with Grasshopper

26.09.2021   3D printing at Fablab

27.09.2021   3D printing at Fablab and   3D modeling with Rhino                                     

03.10.2021    3D modeling with Blender – Basics

04.10.2021    3D modeling with Blender – Nick Ervink

10.10.2020    3D modeling with Blender

11.10.2021     3D printing models repairs, checking 3D models , prints and discussion      

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Satu-Minna Suorajärvi

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