The body of final report is to be 5000-6000 words in length, unless I communicate specific exceptions. There should also be a separate, 1-page, single spaced executive summary. The word guidelines excludes any appendices, as well as the executive summary. 

To emphasize: the executive summary is critical, as this is the only thing most people will read. Thus, this should be substantially polished. The executive summary should focus on the most interesting insights of the report.  The executive summary should NOT focus on background details that are purely factual in nature; you may draw on these in building your arguments, but they are unneeded along.

Across all projects, the expectation is that you use materials learned in class.

I am less worried about the specific formatting of an assignment than its content. As such, use whatever style you feel best communicates your content. For more in-depth information about standard formatting from a linguistic standpoint, please see the standard widely used at Aalto: Style Guide 2016_Aalto_BScBA Mikkeli.pdf

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