The course is passed by taking the exam (22.2.2022) and optionally attending the exercise classes.

If you have enrolled to the course, you automatically have the right to take the exam. Please do not do double registrations (do not register for the exam separately).

For every student that takes the exam, we calculate two tentative grades on scale 0–5: one from the exam only, and one from exam and exercises. The better of these two grades is then automatically applied.

(1) From exam points (0–24) we assign the exam grade T (scale 0–5).
(2) Combined points are the sum of exam points (linearly scaled to 0–60) and exercise points (scaled linearly to 0–40). From the combined points we assign the combined grade Y (scale 0–5). Thus for this grade, the exam weighs 60% and the exercises weigh 40%.

The course grade is then max(T, Y). In each alternative, half of the maximum points (either 12 from exam only, or 50 from combined points) will be enough to pass the course with the lowest grade 1. The precise point limits will be announced after the exam has been graded.

The exercises include:

  1. Attendance and class exercises (max. 24 points)
  2. Homework assignments (max. 44 points)
  3. Online STACK exercises (max. 15 points)

The exercise points collected on this course (period III) are valid in two exams: after period III and after period IV.

After period IV, there will be another exam, which you can also take, regardless of whether you took the course exam or not. If your grade from a later exam is better than what you got earlier, you get the new grade. For the period IV exam (and later exams) you must register separately in Sisu. There is no need to e-mail the teachers about your intents of taking or not taking an exam.

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