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35E00350 - Sales & Operations Planning

1.    Participation is voluntary

You are invited to participate in a research study by filling the MyCourses survey and including your name. Participation is entirely voluntary. You do not have to answer the survey, or you can answer anonymously, in case name is not enclosed your survey answer will not be used in scientific research.

Please read this Privacy Notice and decide on whether you want to participate, after reading the information on how your data will be used. Ask any questions from the course teacher or the Data Protection Officer of Aalto University,

Allowing  use of student originated data for  scientific research is voluntary. Participation can be  discontinued at any time by contacting  Should you discontinue  participation, you will not be subject to any negative consequences, but information gathered until the point of withdrawal may be used in scientific research according to this Privacy Notice. You may also exercise your rights, as explained below.

 2.    Purpose of the research study

The research study aims to increase understanding of  learning using video lectures. To understand for whom video lectures are most beneficial and what traits trigger viewing behavior we need to collect and combine data. Part of the data will be collected using an automated survey assessing both students’ individual learning styles as well as their motivation to study the content. In addition to that and for the sake of conducting a scientific inquiry this data needs to be combined with Aalto entry level test scores and grade performance during Aalto studies to proxy general and subject specific capability. Last, data from Panopto, the platform used to show videos, including views and time spend watching has to combined with the above data. The results of the research study can and will be used to improve methods of teaching, exercises and studying.

 3.    How data is collected ?

Survey data is collected using MyCourses surveys. The student will need to identify as part of the survey to enable linking of all data elements. Once all data elements have been collected and combined the dataset will be anonymized. The dataset will not be made available to anyone else but the two researchers, David Derichs and Max Finne. Publication will contain statistical parameters (e.g., averages, standard deviations, coefficients, regressions, descriptive statistics, etc.) computed over the whole population of students having answered the survey. Also anonymously gathered answers to course feedback questions are included in the research data. These answers can be used as citations in research publications, if they serve the purposes of the research study. Citations do not include any identifiers.

4.    Sources and categories of research data

 Source of data includes grades from the e-learning platform MyCourses, statistics from the video viewing platform Panopto,  survey feedback, course grades, Aalto entry level scores, matriculation scores and course performance of Aalto studies.

The survey data will include answers regarding individual learning styles and their motivation for studying the content.

Statistics from the video viewing platform Panopto include number of views, view times, view lengths.

Grades from the course include learning diaries, participation, case performance, and the final exam score.

Every individual needs to be identifiable until data is combined, only then the data will be anonymized.

 5.    How data is used

 Data is used to produce statistical data and data visualization. Data is used to formulate research questions and hypothesis, such as prediction of student viewing behavior and learning based their video statistics.

 Data is stored during research in encrypted Aalto network drives and used in Aalto University laptops, that have  automatic data encryption with Bitlocker. The processing will be done using the anonymized complete database.

 6.    Legal basis

 We do not expect the processing to affect data subjects in any way. The data is used to develop the courses at Aalto in particular and the quality of teaching business topics in general.

 The public interest tasks of universities are defined in the Universities Act (558/2009).  Section 2 § of the Universities Act defines academic research and the providing of research-based education as missions of university. University must achieve social impact with university research findings. Universities shall arrange their activities so as to ensure a high international standard of education.

 The research study aims to find best possible research based  education methods  by researching the impact on and of video lectures. The findings will have societal impact, as they will be implemented in Aalto University education and also, as findings are published in research publications,  widely in Finnish and international education. The legal basis for processing personal data is the performance of a task carried out in the public  interest, namely  scientific research. 

 As this research study is not intended to be a health study, students are not asked about health and we ask students not to include health data in the survey answers, if possible. However if the student wishes to include health data, then the legal basis for processing is the explicit consent of student for the use such data. 

7.    The rights of the study participant and the exercising of your rights

The data subject is the student participant of the course submitting personal data. The data subject has the following rights:

The right request access to data

The right to object to processing the data

The right to rectify information

The right to request restricting of  processing

The right to request removal of personal data

Because data is being processed for the purposes of scientific research, the data is not used  in decision-making related to the data subject.

8.    Sharing of Personal Data

Aalto may use data processors. Aalto safeguards the rights and privacy of the individuals by agreements with third parties.

9.    Transfer of your data to non-EU/EEA countries

Personal data will not be transferred outside EU.  The personal data will not be published, only the anonymized  results of studies will be published.

10.  Measures taken to protect your data

The following measures are taken in this research  study to protect your rights:

The research study has a research plan

The person responsible for the research study is : David Derichs

 Personal data is only processed and transferred for the purposes of mentioned in this research study privacy notice, and information is handled in a manner so as not to reveal information about a specific person to external parties.

11. Storage period of your data and anonymisation

The criteria for defining this period is based on good scientific practice. In scientific research the aim is to store the research data so that the research results can be verified and previously collected data can be used for further scientific research on the same subject or for scientific research in other fields.

Anonymised data is no longer personal data. Raw data is stored by using  Aalto IT facilities.

12. The Controller

The controller in this study is Aalto University.

The contact person in matters related to the study is David Derichs

This privacy notice is available at My Courses web-page

The research data subject can contact Aalto University’s data protection officer if they have questions or demands related to the processing of personal data.

Data Protection Officer Jari Söderström, phone number: 0947001


If the research data subject sees that their data has been processed in violation of the general data protection regulation, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the data protection ombudsman (see more:




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