You have been assigned a final presentation topic in groups from PHYS-A0140. The writing task in this English course is related to the final presentationtopic in PHYS-A0140. This writing task should help you increase your understanding of the topic/phenomenon in question --> which you will then present in groups in the final presentations.

Your task is to write a text that introduces the phenomenon in question (Project topic #) --> "introduction to phenomenon X". You can organize the text in whichever way you like, so there are no strict requirements for its structure. Aim to explain the phenomenon in question thoroughly and logically. Aim for accessible information and reader friendliness while maintaining academic tone. One possible model for the essay structure is the typical five-paragraph model: 

This model contains an introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is possible that you could have more then three paragraphs in the main body (for an 800-word essay).

Requirements for the final text:

- Refer to  a min. of four sources in this assignment.

- Due the general nature of the topic, it is OK to have some general sources, such as a textbook or website. At least one of the sources should be a research article.

- 600-800 words (including the references), ATTN: no penalty if you go over the word limit.

- Pay special attention to citation (in-text citation + bibliography).Choose a citation style and use it consistently as instructed in the online modules + in class.

- Pay special attention to the way you paraphrase ideas from other sources.

- Aim to utilize more formal academic style (module Style for academic writing)

- Try to create cohesive paragraphs (given before new information, transitions, topic sentences + full paragraphs)

This version is a draft, so the idea is to submit the version you have at this moment. Of course, the more developed your draft is, the better your teacher will be able to comment your text. This draft constitutes 6% of the course grade. Late submissions accepted only in cases of force majeure and separate permission from the teacher.

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