Topic outline

  • Note: During fall 2020 this course will be taught online. You will find the links to the lectures under materials section of the course's homepage.

    3D simulation based on rigid body dynamics (right) with a corresponding real-life experiment (left) from Polojärvi & al. 2012 (see "extra reading"-folder under “materials”-section).

    Note: Please enroll to the course as soon as possible! You can find the pre-assignments from the "assignments" section. Solving them will give you extra points for the course.

    This course enables the student to describe particle and rigid body motion in three dimensions and how to use Lagrangian formalism to derive equations of motion for a rigid body. You will learn to:

    • Employ the most generally used coordinate systems in derivation of equations of motion for a particle.
    • Express the quantities required to describe the three-dimensional motion of a rigid body in most commonly used coordinate systems.
    • Deduce the equations of motion for a rigid body starting from the definitions of its mass properties and in most commonly used coordinate systems.

    Course includes lectures and independent exercises. Assessment and grading are based on the exercises and the exam.