Topic outline

  • WAT-E1100 Water & Environmental Engineering

    Welcome to the fascinating world of water and environmental engineering!

    Detailed schedule for each week will be given in weekly sub-pages, while the general Weekly Schedule will be available here

    Kindly note that the timetables available in WebOodi and MyCourses calendar are indicative only: correct timetables will be available in Weekly Sub-pages! Also note that the morning sessions start at 9.00 sharp!

    This course is the 15 ECTS common course of WAT Master's Programme and is also called "The WAT Course".

    Participating this WAT Course course means a full schedule and full-time studying, and we expect you to be able to participate in teaching and group work activities from Monday morning till Friday afternoon during the entire Period I (7th Sept-23rd Oct).  

    The WAT Course will introduce you to our research group as well as to our field, including its key themes and methods (see the circle below). The idea is also to get to know your fellow students, and majority of learning thus takes place in groups. WAT-E1100 also includes a Personal Learning Portfolio process that runs through your entire Master's studies and corresponds 2 credits i.e. around 54 hours of work. For more information on the portfolio process, see its own MyCourses pages