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    ELEC-C5230 - Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

    Welcome! The course Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (Digitaalisen signaalinkäsittelyn perusteet) will be arranged during the periods IV and V. All essential information associated with the course will be available on these MyCourses pages. The course lectures are given in Finnish. However, exercise sheets and most of the material is in English. One of the two weekly Exercise sessions will also be provided in English. 


    There is a compulsory course exam that is done in an EXAM room in Otaniemi campus. You can schedule a time for taking the exam through the EXAM system:

    The exam is an easy multiple choice exam consisting of two parts. The first consists of True/False five statements, and right answer is worth one point, wrong answer -1 point. The second part is made of 15 multiple choice questions with right answer bringing one point, but there is no penalty for a wrong answer. 

    The exam is graded pass/fail and 50% of the points are required for passing. 

    Please read the instructions for the Exam system carefully:
    Student's Exam guide - OPIT - Aalto University Wiki
    Opiskelijan Exam ohjeet - OPIT - Aalto University Wiki

    Please note that you cannot take anything else to the room besides your student ID, not even a pen! The exam must be completed by June 2nd.

    Good luck!

    Course staff

    Please contact the course staff by email with This allows the correct person to provide answers to your questions.

    • Tuomas Aittomäki (

    Course assistants:

    • Eeli Susan (
    • Leo Lazar (


    Mondays at 12.15-14.00, room Y307a, Otakaari 1. The first lecture will be held on Monday 28.2. at 12.15-14.00. Lectures will be normal contact teaching, but also a possibility for remote participation will be provided.

    Each lecture includes a quiz which provides bonus points towards the overall grade of the course. Passwords to quizzes are provided in the lectures and must be completed during the lecture duration. Therefore, we strongly encourage participation in lectures.

    The Lecture schedule and contents are available under the Schedule and Zoom links tab.


    The course can be passed by two different methods: 

    1. The primary, recommended method is solving and returning homework assignments and participating in a light check-up exam in the EXAM-room by Thursday, June 2nd 2022. Please see the top of this page for more information on the exam.  The assignments are due in four separate parts on evenly spread dates over the duration of the course. Assignment sheets are available under the Assignments tab. We intend to make each round available as early as possible to allow students to advance at their own pace.

    2. If absolutely necessary and you have a good reason, the course could also be completed with an individual project work (to be returned by Monday 31.5.) and passing a regular written exam. However, this is not the preferable way. You must contact by Monday 20.3.2021 if you intend to earn the credits in this way before the next course in 2023.

    Exercise groups

    There are two optional weekly exercise groups which are held on Tuesdays at 14-16 and on Fridays at 14-16. During each session, partial or full model solutions will be presented for some of the assignments. The exercise groups are intended to aid in learning and students may ask freely about problems in their assignments.  Exercise sessions are non-mandatory, and students may join either of the two weekly sessions (or both, though session content is similar).

    A Zulip chat is also provided for students to ask questions outside of regular exercise times. Students are encouraged to take part in answering the questions of others with bonus points awarded for helping others. The Zulip chat is also intended to provide answers related questions about course practicalities etc. We recommend for you to enable some email notifications for important channels