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  • Welcome to Mechatronic Machine Design course!

    Update 23.12.2021: We go to online. Given the working online course last year, students' wishes and government's advisory, we'll have online realisation in 2022. Preliminary exam opens tomorrow. The DL is on the 2nd week. Hannu Mäkinen from ideal PLM confirmed visiting lecture on 18.1.2022.

    The course will start with a lecture on Tuesday the 11th of January at 9:15 in Teams. This semester whole course is fully-remote, completely online and no presence at the campus is required. The course includes preliminary exam, lectures, weekly exercises, laboratory exercises and a project work. The course has no final exam. The final grade consists of the combined points from the lecture quizzes, exercises, labs and project work. It is good if you have completed Mechatronics Basics before enrolling on this Mechatronic Machine Design course. Passing Mechatronic Machine Design is required before enrolling in Vehicle Mechatronics: Control and Vehicle Mechatronics: Powertrain courses.

    Questions and communication
    If you have any questions or comments, please use Teams channels to do so. Use the group chats (=channels) rather than sending direct messages, as it creates a better sense of community and your concern is most likely answered faster and everyone gets the same info.

    The Microsoft teams key for the course is: 1r3kabq
    Use the code as depicted in the picture below to join the team.

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