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    Not available unless: You belong to L00 (SISU)

    Seminars in spring 2022 are on Thursday mornings from 09:15–12:00

    Due to current pandemic situation and Aalto ARTS instructions, teaching in period III will be organised remote. We will use the same zoom link as before:

    The Zoom classroom for Thesis seminars (if organised online): 

    Pleas make note of the NEW ZOOM LINK

    MoA in Photography '22 exhibition

    We will not meet in the exhibition space as a seminar group, so those who are not part of the exhibition group, please visit the exhibition on your own time and prepare questions and comments to your colleagues. 

    Those who are showing works in the exhibition, please document your works in the exhibition space and prepare to discuss the entity in the first seminar in February 2022.

    MoA in Photography '22:

    February seminars:

    3 February 2022: online in Zoom
    Discussing the works and the MoA in Photography '22 exhibition. Please document your works presented in the exhibition, including installation images and more detailed documentation of the material art works.
    We will also discuss how and where the following seminars take place and plan a schedule for your discussions about your thesis.

    10 February 2022: Thesis presentations, round 2
    17 February 2022: Thesis presentations, round 2

    March seminars: Thesis presentations, round 2, continues

    3 March 2022 at Väre P101
    10 March 2022 at Q103, Väre
    17 March 2022 at P101, Väre

    Seminars in March 2022 will be organised on the campus, if the pandemic situation allows it. Or if the group decides otherwise the seminar continues online.

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    Opinnäytteen palautukseen liittyvät ohjeet ja päivämäärät löytyvät Intosta kohdasta Opinnäytteen tekeminen:

    Dates and instructions related to thesis can always be found in our programme web pages at Into: