Topic outline

  • General

    Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
    Course will take place on Fridays in Zoom. Link to zoom:
    Passcode if needed: 690984

    Notice that you have to be signed in on Zoom to be able to join. See Zoom instructions on a separate section by clicking on the three "hamburger" lines in the upper left corner to open menu, and select "Zoom instructions".

    Course programme

    1. Friday 5.11.2021 9:15-about 15
    Design museum exhibition, lecture & introduction to the course (Design museum team Leena, Jaakko, Gisela and Vanessa; TL & HP)
    Course starts 9:15, with a zoomed lecture and exhibition visit in the Design museum.
    <Lunch break after Design museum tour>
    Afternoon: After Design museum session, we will introduce students to the course, working methods, assignments and support. This includes creating teams for course assignment.
    After introductions: Starting work in the team. This includes meeting with teachers.

    2. Friday 12.11.2021 9:15-12 + Afternoon: Course work
    Design as media: good vibes  (HP)
    Heidi will open perspectives towards design and media intensive cultures, starting with reasons why people are happily having designs at home, habitually using designs and sometimes becoming very attached to designs. This session is largely about design in contexts outside of professional control. Slides: course design, design in action, designed society, designers in society.

    3. Friday 19.11.2021 9:15-12 + Afternoon: Course work
    Design as media: bad vibes (HP)
    Discussion about ways especially design saturates contemporary culture continues with highlighting the times that design is actively having dark sides and harmful intentions. Big part of the session is to discuss reasons why people hate design, designers and, in general, consumption. We end with positive notes, though. Slides: design mediates social mood, design gets consumed, consumption critique, new adventures.

    4. Friday 26.11.21 9:15-12 + Afternoon: Course work
    Media studies (TL)
    In the first session on the Media Studies we will explore the history, some media theorists and their thoughts from the time when media started to play more important role in the development of societies around the world. We will discuss about the geopolitics and media from the times of  printed news media to the first electronic media, radio and television. Themes covered: 
    1. Media Studies
    2. Media theorists - some classics
    3. Geopolitics and media
    4. Introduction to homework screening: The Social Dilemma | Netflix (you should get access to Netflix to watch the movie :-( )

    5. Friday 3.12.2021 + Afternoon: Course work
    New media and social media (TL)
    In the second session we will then take a look of the origins of the Internet and the WWW and predict where all this will take us. We also discuss the impact of entertainment and social media in our daily life and how Internet have change it. We will also explore the media industries and different forms of new media including virtual and augmented reality and games. The themes covered are:
    1. Media industries
    2. Origins of Internet and the WWW
    3. New Media - What is that?

    6. Friday 10.12.2021 reserved for completing course work
    No class

    7. Friday 17.12.2021 9:15-max 17
    Your media and design (TL&HP)
    Video essay screenings and discussion.