Topic outline

  • The first meeting is on Thursday 13.1. at 15:15 - 16:30, and will be held via zoom. The link will be posted on the General page of the course page. 

    Start already thinking about possible topics for your thesis, and return a preliminary topic or area of interest in the return box below by Monday 16.1. at 23.59. 

    The time schedule of the seminar is being updated under "Time schedule" (on the left). In particular, the number of seminars for student presentations may be reduced from 3 to 2, depending on the number of students in the group. For a description of the seminar, see syllabus (on the right). For further guidance, see the pdf-document “BSc in Economics guide 2021” under "Materials" (on the left).

    • Students can use this forum to discuss among yourselves, form study groups etc. 

    •  In the attached table you can see both the allocation to groups (English or Finnish group) and your allocated external advisors. You can contact your advisors via email. Write them an email where you introduce yourself, briefly explain your topic and ask when they can meet or discuss with you.

      We have tried to allocate the advisors according to your topics. For those of you who suggested several topics, and have not made up your mind yet, I recommend to look at the webpage of your advisor before talking to them, in order to see which of your suggested topics match better with the advisor's expertise.

  • Not available unless any of:
    • You are a(n) Teacher
    • You are a(n) Student

    In this page, you see a preliminary time schedule for the seminar (subject to minor adjustments as the course proceeds, as number of classroom presentation meetings will be depending on the number of students):

    13.1. The first meeting: seminar practices and general guidance (zoom link to be added in course main page).

    16.1. Return your preliminary topic by 23.59 (return box at the course home page)

    20.1.  Information retrieval session (by Aalto Learning Centre via zoom), zoom link to be added in the course main page)

    3.2 at 12.00: Submit your research plan to return box under "Research plan presentation"

    3.2., 10.2: Research plan presentations - schedule and zoom link to be updated under 'Research plan presentation'

    31.3, 7.4:  Final draft presentations (information about place (classroom or zoom link) to be updated under 'Final draft presentation')

    Submission deadline for finished thesis: 25.4, at 23.59. Submit your thesis and maturity test here:

    For further instructions on the Maturity test see this link (relevant section: Maturity test in the Bachelor's Degree):

  • Some advice on research plan presentations:

    - Presentation should last max. 8 minutes

    - Prepare power point slides

    - Introduce the topic, your research question, how you are planning to answer it, and some of the most relevant references

    - Prepare also a written research plan and return to the submit box on this page at latest 7.10. at 12:00.

    - For more information, see Section 3.2. in the BSc in Economics Guide ("Materials" on the left)