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    This course provides a basic understanding of what research might be in the context of the ViCCA MA.  Through presentations of varied perspectives of artist's relationship with writing and words, it introduces diverse forms of understanding research and writing methods that are attuned to visual culture, curating and contemporary art practices.

    During the course, you will be introduced to academic, theoretically-informed and experimental writing approaches and how these might be combined. The course includes lectures, readings, discussions and critical and experimental writing assignments that will support bringing to focus the subjects matter of your thesis research, your current practice, and course interests.

    The course will be run in person only, on Mondays from 10am-4pm (except for one session on the printlab). It requires 80% attendance and delivering of all assignments to pass.

    Course Timeline

    Note that rooms will change from one week to the next.

    25 April - 
    Introduction. Discussion of readings, ViCCA Faculty relationship with writing (Väre
     Q101, Q102)

    2 May - Formats and standards of text production - Intro to print making Paola Jalili (Väre Q101, Q102)

    9 May -  Thesis writing experiences form VICCA - Experimental Writing Workshop with María Villa & Laura Leif (Väre Q101, Q102)

    16 May Printmaking session, Paola Jalili ((Väre M202, Q101)

    Thu 19 May - 10:00- 13:00 Printmaking workshop, Paola Jalili. 

    23 May - Embodied Writing and Research Cartographies, María Villa (AM: Q203, Q102 /PM: Multifacility Hall)

    June 6: Delivery of final assignments