Topic outline

  • General info, tasks, texts, slides

    Thematic workshop: Photography as worldmaking practice

    Here’s a list of tasks to be completed before the end of the course.

    All tasks are to be returned to MyCourses 

    I ) ESSAY: Photography as futuristic practice or is it?

    – Select a recent photograph/artwork you have created

    – Reflect with the artwork Zylinska's theory about nonhuman vision/photography 

    • Can you apply it onto your work? 

    • If yes, how? If not, how?

    *** approximately 5 pages

    *** D.L. 7.12. at 24.00

    II) Learning log 1: Cloud walking by Dehlia Hannah in A year without a winter, 2018

    – How the different artworks are reflecting on climate conditions of the time?

    – What kind of impacts can art have? What are the particularities of the “artistic narratives” compared to for example journalism, science communications, political movements etc.

    *** approx. 1 page
    *** D.L. 26.11. At 24.00

    II) LEARNING LOG 2: On belonging by Terike Haapoja

    – How does (your) photographic practice engage in processes of belonging – or does it?

    *** approx. 1 page
    *** D.L. 30.11. At 24.00

    III) LEARNING LOG 3: How the Bobos Broke America by David Brooks

    – Do you think you have power as a practitioner of a creative profession? 

    – Does the structures in North American societies reflect on the society you live in or belong to?

    – Do you think the newsarticle is reliable?

    *** approx. 1 page
    *** D.L. 3.12. At 24.00

    IV) LEARNING LOG 4: Exhibition visit 

    – Choose an exhibition/screening/cultural event you are interested in and visit it. Below some of the exhibitions happening in Helsinki during the workshop

    – What kind of worldview the exhibition conveys?

    – How is it articulated through thematic content, text, materials of the artworks, aesthetic, visual and spatial narratives?

    ***approx. 1 page

    *** D.L. 10.12.

    - - - - - - - - - - - 

    List of exhibitions:

    – FINNISH MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY Poliittisen valokuvan festivaali until  2.1.
    – K1: Susanna Majuri until 2.1. 

    – HAM: Come as a Flower until 9.1. Katharina Grosse until 23.1. 

    – KOSMINEN Jonathan Österholm until 28.11. 

    – GALLERI SINNE Hemmo Siponen until 28.11.
    – ATENEUM: Outi Heiskanen until 9.1. 

    – FORUM BOX: Christian Langenskiöld until 5.12

    – FORUM BOX: Ewa Górzna and Katarzyna Miron: Surround

    – HIPPOLYTE: Martti Jämsä, Sirpa Päivinen starts from 26.11. 

    – KUVA / Project Room, Lönnrotinkatu 35: Miina Aho, Robin Ellis until 5.12. 

    – KUVA / Kuva/Tila: Ebb and flow starting from 3.12.:

    – MUSEUM OF IMPOSSIBLE FORMS on 24.11. at 18–20.30. Keinulaudankuja 4E 00940 Helsinki: Sunna Nousuniemi: Muitalusat dekoloniála ráhkisvuođas - Stories of decolonial love

    – HEUREKA: Facing disaster

    – SERLACHIUS MUSEUM: Art odyssey