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    Welcome to the course CAPSTONE: Future-proofing supply chains!

    Please see PDF syllabus below (updated 5.1.2023) for more details and the exact schedule.

    This course is based on students working on real company cases. The three case companies are confirmed as Reima, Meluton and Fazer. Please see a 2-page description of each of the three cases in the separate sections of this Mycourses site.  Each student will only be working on 1 case assignment during the course, but there will multiple groups working on any one case. Groups will be allocated by the teacher but students are asked to indicate their preferences. You should fill in the questionnaire by midnight on the 9th of January so the teacher can allocate groups before the first lecture.

    On the 1st and 2nd week there are on Tuesdays and Thursdays longer lectures and workshops with one's own case company and then on the last week of the period on 14th or 16th of February groups will present their work to the case companies. During weeks 3, 4 and 5 there will not be any lectures, but students will have the opportunity to meet with Prof Kauppi and with the case company representative for feedback. Please note that on the 1st, 2nd and 6th week, participation is mandatory (if you are unable to participate on some session, please contact the teacher immediately).

    Please see the detailed schedule in the PDF syllabus (note the color coding in the schedule, sessions in grey are for ALL, sessions in other colors are only for students working on that particular case). Please also note the classrooms as we have several different classrooms on campus in use throughout the course.

    There will be no exam. The course grade is formed in relation to the work on the real case:
    • 10% Project proposal
    • 20% Project final presentation to case company
    • 70% Written project report to case company
    If you have any questions about the course practicalities, please contact Katri: