Topic outline

  • Here, you will find the workshop tool to submit your group reports and to assess your peers' reports.

    Please note that in order for that tool to work, every group member needs to submit the group report individually! Here you find the grading scheme to help you assess your peers' reports (LINK TO GRADING SCHEME)

    • Workshop icon

      Here you can submit your group report, and will automatically be assigned one report of your peers for assessment. The assessment is anonymous, so the authors of the report cannot see who assessed them. However, you as the reviewer will know who wrote the report. 


          • each group member must submit the report separately for the workshop-tool to work
          • the assessment needs to be fair and scientific - you also receive a grade for your assessment, so doing favors to the authors or not doing a thorough job will ultimately hurt your own grade
          • remember to red all reports because they might be relevant for the exam. However, you only need to grade the one report that is assigned to you
      Grade according to the rubric, but provide us with an overall grade in the comment box. The rubric calculates some average grade weighing every criterion equally - this is not how you are supposed to do it, instead, you have leverage in weighing some criteria more than others (wholistic evaluation)!

      Do not forget to include comments in the comment box and please provide us with an overall grade in the comment box! If you forget the overall grade, you will not receive full points for the peer assessment!