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  • ARCH Doctoral Seminar

    Not available unless: You belong to S01 (SISU)

    Teacher: Prof Dr Toni Kotnik & Dr Hossam Hewidy

    Doctoral Studies | Aalto University

    The Doctoral Seminar at the Department of Architecture aims at supporting the ongoing doctoral research based on an outside perspective meaning based on scholarly but non-expert view. With this, the seminar tries to complement the support from the inside provided by the supervisor and advisors of the individual doctoral research. With this in mind, the primary goal of the seminar is to open up the specific discourse of the individual research projects to a wider audience within the discipline of architecture. That is the development of a clear narrative and the communication and contextualization of the research within architecture is the focal point of the seminar. Over the year participants will work in groups and individually and present the outcome of the seminar in a daylong doctoral symposium at the end of the academic year. Most of the work will be done remote as self-study and individual discussions with the teachers of the course. But at few dates the whole group should come together for discussions. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

    27.9.2022   Meeting 1 (pdf)

    each participant should prepare a presentation of their research (5 minutes, no slides) that describes the main topic and its disciplianry context, the specific research questions and the relevance of the research

    29.11.2022  Meeting 2 (pdf)

    this meeting aims at the identification of umbrella topic and the relation between the individual research projects

    7.3.2023   Meeting 3 (pdf)

    each participant will develop an abstract of their presentation for the Doctoral Symposium at the end of the academic year; responsibilities will be distributed among all participants 

    16 May 2023   Doctoral Symposium with guest critics

    note: please ignore the published schedule in SISU & MyCourses!