Topic outline

  • Welcome to Experiment: Process!

    The Experiment: Process course provides students with an opportunity to learn to work with an actual design project in small teams in a structured manner.
    A client is present in the briefing of the project, in the interim presentation and in the final presentation. The student work includes planning the project and conducting background research to uncover insights that will influence the creative work and the concept design. The design phase is iterative and students are supported through lectures and feedback.

    The compulsory LC-1117 Integrated Oral and Written Skills course in English is running parallel with this one on Mondays and Wednesdays in this period. It is focusing on professional communication and presentation skills.

    The same teams that we have created in Experiment: Process course will continue to be teams in this English class and do the assignments together. 

    • We have three boys that would also give feedback to your design ideas (7, 9, 13)

      So please send a few screen shots of your concept and 3 questions you would like to ask.

      I will make a google for survay from your material and the participants will give you feedback from their homes.