Topic outline

  • Round B of the Scientific Article Exercise (SAE) module of the CHEM-E0105 - Academic Learning Community (ALC) course will be carried out in this dedicated MyCourses workspace. Related announcement: Please enrol preferably by April 30, and latest before the first Due date (DD1).

    • First Due date (DD1): Mon May 8.5.
    • Second Due date (DD2): Mon15.5.
    • Third Due date (DD3): Thu 25.5.

    Timetable etc. in the evolving module info link below (updated 24.4.2023). The SAE module (total effort 22 h, corresponding to 0.8 ECTS) starts on Tue May 2, 2023, in Zoom. Welcome!

    Responsible teacher, SAE: Riikka Puurunen

    (Responsible teacher, ALC: Kyösti Ruuttunen)

  • SAE module (total effort 22 h, corresponding to 0.8 ECTS) starts on Tue May 2, 2023. Welcome! 

    • First due date (DD1): Mon May 8.5.
    • Second due date (DD2): Mon15.5.
    • Third deadline (DL 3): Thu 25.5.

    List of some recommended journals from Aalto CHEM majors here 

  • I will try to make a recording of the meeting and share it later through the Panopto block of the course (on the rights side of MyCo computer screen, below announcements) . Note: Participation in real time in this kick-off meeting is not obligatory. If you cannot attend the meeting, I do ask you to look through the recording (because that way you know what is expected). The kick-off session complements the pdf instructions, and is also a chance to discuss and ask questions.

    Riikka Puurunen, 27.4.2023   

  • More feedback channels may be developed during the module, but in the beginning of the course, to provide feedbac:

    • email Riikka Puurunen, replacing name in (for urgent feedbac)
    • use Presemo (especially during/after contact session):