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  • Not available unless: You belong to H01 (SISU)

    课本: course book:  吃了吗? Chi le ma? (Annala, Cheng, Palomäki) + audio


    吃了吗: Chapters 11 and 12

    当代中文: Please find the text of the chapters on MyCourses

    Chi le ma

    You can purchase the book i.e. here: or in book stores.

    Audio recording material: OR download the Otso app for free

    More information about the Otso app here:

    For the written exam of this course, you do not have to write Chinese characters, but you have to recognize them and read text written in Chinese characters without pinyin .

    Chinese Characters 4 (Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 4 | 汉字四)
    Please also consider taking the self-study course Chinese Characters course 4 (credits: 2) which is a supporting course for this one. 
    There will be only one lecture for Chinese Characters 4. The course is optional but recommended. Although the course is marked as a lecture course in SISU, it is a self-study course. The material for the characters course will be provided by the teacher.


    1. Language classes 36 t, self-study 45 t.
    2. Oral and written tasks (40 %)
    3. Oral exam (20%).
    4. Written exam (40%).