Topic outline

  • Huomio kurssin materiaaleista ja kielestä: Kurssi on aiempina vuosina järjestetty täysin englannin kielellä. Kurssin MyCourses-sivut ja luentomateriaali ovat pääosin englanniksi - mukaanlukien videoluennot. harjoitustehtävät on suomeksi ja englanniksi, ja virallinen opetuskieli on suomi. Kaikkiin tehtäviin voi vastata suomeksi, ruotsiksi tai englanniksi.

    Note on the course language: The official teaching language on the course is in Finnish. All course material will be available in English, and all submissions can be done in English, and English-language questions or comments are welcome.

    Before the first session: do the pre-assignment (available at the Exercise materials -page) and view the video lecture for the first session (Available at the Learning session materials -page).

  • Note that the order of the lectures can change between years. Therefore the lecture numbers in the recordings might not be quite the same as on MyCourses.

  • Regarding the use of language models and other AI on the course: you can use AI according to the Aalto guidelines. The exercises are such that you should not be able to trivially solve them using AI tools. Remember to follow the guidelines and therefore clearly mark if you have used AI to help you solve a problem or create text.

    AI translation tools have been used to help in creating multilingual teaching materials on the course.

  • The Schedule for the group work

    Form groups by Wednesday, September 13th
    Group work mid-period check on Wednesday, September 27th
    Group work submission deadline on Monday, October 16th