• Please note!

    The course consists of common lectures on Monday afternoons and hands-on programming teaching and exercises on Thursday and Friday mornings!

    The course has two groups in SISU:

    • Beginner - This one is aimed for students who are beginners in programming, taught by Matti Niinimäki. This group uses JavaScript as the programming language and p5.js as the creative coding framework. We also take a brief look at a couple of other tools such as TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine.
    • Advanced - This one is aimed for students who already understand the basic concepts of programming and want to study some more advanced concepts, taught by Markku Reunanen. This group uses Java as the programming language and Processing as the creative coding framework.

    You can choose the group when you register for the course but it's still possible to update your choice during the first week. There is also an Independent Study option for completing the course.

    Schedule for the joint lectures for all students

    You can find the group specific schedules from the Beginner and Advanced sections. All the joint Monday lectures are in Q101.

    Monday, 04/09/2022
    Introduction, exercise, forming the groups

    Monday, 11/09/2022

    Monday, 18/09/2022

    Monday, 25/09/2022
    Matti Niinimäki: Generative art and design
    Guest Lecture by Juhani Halkomäki

    Monday, 02/10/2022
    Visit to Amos Rex to see the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition
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    Monday, 09/10/2022
    Markku Reunanen: Hard and soft ware
    Matti Niinimäki: AI, machine learning