Aalto has provided guidance on the use of AI tools that you can find here:

You are allowed to use AI tools to help you learn programming. They can be extremely helpful at explaining different concepts, providing possible solutions to problems, and even replacing a lot of the time-consuming parts of coding. It is highly recommended to use ChatGPT to explain concepts and code that you do not understand. Think of it as a tutor who does not get tired of answering your questions.

However, you are not allowed to just directly rely on AI tools to write your code. We are exploring computational creativity and not just trying to solve specific technical problems. So do not just type in your homework task to them and copy the code directly.

Additionally, be very aware that ChatGPT and other AI tools come up with hallucinations or confabulations. Please do not blindly trust them. ChatGPT will very confidently invent classes, libraries, APIs, and other things that do not exist. Quite often, they also just write broken code. Learning how to debug and fix that type of code is quite useful skill to learn.

Last modified: Monday, 4 September 2023, 3:48 AM