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    Paul Jackson is teaching his simple and powerful system for constructing very strong, glueless 'nets', which enables you to construct ANY 3D form made of polygons (a 'net' is the shape of the card when a 3D package is unfolded flat). 

    Step-by-step you will learn how to use this system, then use it to create your own amazing experimental packaging forms. Although the direct application of this system is in package design, anyone interested in polyhedrons, 3D form, 3D geometry and paper art/craft/design is welcome to come. The workshop is entirely hands-on.

    Techniques move gradually towards higher complexity, so missing days is not advised.

    Paul Jackson has been a professional paper artist and paper engineer for over 30 years. He teaches regularly in many countries, has written many books about the use of paper in design and frequently exhibits his own folded paper artworks.

    Due to the unfortunate developments in the war in Israel, we now cannot fly Paul here in person for this workshop, so we will switch Paul Jacksons teaching, instructing and giving f2f feedback to Zoom. Lecture materials and instructions will be projected on big screens in the classroom. 

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    (We do have a successful experience running this workshop also remotely during the covid pandemic.
    Lecturer Markus Joutsela will also be in the classroom helping out and providing materials)

    The equipment used during the course:

    • Cutting mat or thick board that you can cut on
    • Sharp scalpel and new blades
    • Protractor (measures angles)
    • Pair of compasses
    • Masking tape (not Sellotape)
    • Hard (2H) pencils and erasers

    (We have and will provide materials, but you may also bring your own if you have)

    Related literature: 
    Paul Jackson (2012), Structural Packaging: Design your own Boxes and 3D Forms, Lawrence King

    We will work with folding in the Undergraduate center (Otakaari 1) in the A-wing in classroom A131a whole week.
    On Thursday we also have the opportunity to cut and crease some of the more advanced models on the Zund plotter in Väre with the help of workshop master Sari Kivioja.
    On Friday we will organise a small photoshoot of all the nice work done during the week in the small classroom A131b next to our folding classroom.