Topic outline

  • General

    The course consists of lectures and readings. The lectures begin at 17:15. The lecture slides and the readings will be available in their own sections.

    With each obligatory reading, write down two questions that emerge from reading the text. Submit the questions in the "pre-lecture assignments" section before the relevant lecture.

    Each lecturer will give an essay topic (or a few to select from) on the topics they have covered. The suggested length for the essays is 1-2 pages. Each lecturer will give a deadline for the essay as well as further guidelines if needed.

    Zoom-link for the online lectures:
    Meeting ID: 656 8022 1079


    16.1. Introduction: Kinds of science and research (Tomi Kokkonen)

    23.1. Observation, theories and phenomena (Tomi Kokkonen)

    30.1. Paradigms and the progress of science, ZOOM (Tuomas Vesterinen)

    6.2. Natural and human kinds, ZOOM (Tuomas Vesterinen)

    13.2. Art as an object of study (Edna Huotari)

    20.2. Art and science I (Edna Huotari)

    27.2. Explanation and understanding, ZOOM (Tuomas Vesterinen)

    5.3. Science and values, ZOOM (Teemu Lari)

    12.3. Objectivity, ZOOM (Teemu Lari)

    19.3. Diversity, ZOOM (Teemu Lari)

    26.3. CANCELLED

    9.4. Art, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity (Tomi Kokkonen)