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    Want to help your sports team or other non-governmental organization in its development? And to gain study credits while doing it?

    A new independent project course (6 ECTS) available in 2022-23 academic year for Bachelor's and Master’s students in the School of Business.

    You can find project topics provided by the NGOs in Aalto JobTeaser (use tag BIZ NGO Project in Jobs search). Or you can find your topic yourself – use your contacts in NGOs. The topic needs to be validated by the coordinator and the academic supervisor before the project can be undertaken.

    You will find the official course description attached to this page (below) and Guide for Students in the Materials section. 

    NOTE! You must have the topic approved by the coordinator before you can sign in for the course. 

    More information for NGOs at

    Read also the article on a completed project

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