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      Use Panopto or another video recording app to record a brief introduction about yourself. Include the following information:
      Attention! Very important. If you're using Panopto, make sure the share setting is ‘anyone with this link’. If you're using YouTube then set the privacy setting to unlisted

      1. Your first name and its English equivalent (for instance, the Finnish name Yrjö is George in English)

      2. Your surname and what it means in English (for instance, the Finnish surname Järvinen means (a small) lake)

      3. Your degree programme

      4. Your favourite food

      5. Something you are good at

      6. Something you are bad at

      7. Your favourite TV series

      8. Your dream job

      9. Your pet hates (i.e. things that irritate you)

      After you have recorded your introduction, post the link to your video in the introductions forum