Preliminary Assignment

Part I
Check this link about reflective writing and Gibb's reflective cycle:

You may find the links provided useful, as well.
Write a short reflection essay, approximately half a page, on your learning experience of exploring Gibb's reflective cycle.
Use the presented method in all reflective writings in this course.

Part II
Write a reflection essay (1-2 pages) of this material:

Pekka Belt, Matti Mottonen & Janne Harkonen “Practical tips for doctoral students”, found in the Materials section. You need to register to the course in Oodi and after that log in to MyCourses in order to access the Materials section.

In reflection, please tell what you agree with the text and what not, and why. Please also mention most interesting points of
the article.

Submit the excercise latest on Thursday 4.4.2019 to MyCourses. Please use pdf file format.