Homework 3: Due to Monday the 27th of May at 23:00

Homework 3: Due to Monday the 27th of May at 23:00

Individually or in pairs

Reading 3 

Pirinen, A. (2016). The Barriers and Enablers of Co-design for Services. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN, no 10. vol. 3., 27-42.

Question: Find eight practical cases demonstrating four barriers and four enablers from your own work experiences.

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Assignment 3: Plan Co-Design Activates


The city of Helsinki would like to improve the Central public library services with stakeholders and local people:

• Stakeholders: the City of Helsinki, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Sanomat, library maintenance group, library board, the marketing department

• Locals: citizens, tourists, families, international students, visually impaired people, children, and rare book collectors.


Make a co-design plan

Task 1

1. What activates would you organise in different stages of the design process to improve central public library services?

2. Imagine which stakeholders and locals would you engage in different stages of the design process.

3. Create a co-design engagement plan with different actors during the design process.


Task 2

Prepare a more detail plan of one of your planned activities from Task1. Describe:

- What will be the main objectives of the activity?

- Who and how many participants will be attending the activity?

- Where the activity will be?

- What probes would you use?

- What results are you expecting and how you will analyse them?