Homework 5: Due to Monday the 10th of June at 23:00

Homework 5: Due to Monday the 10th of June at 23:00

Reading 5

1. Koivisto, M. (2009) Frameworks for Structuring Services and Customer Experience in Designing Services with Innovative methods: Perspectives on Service Design, Ed. Satu Miettinen, Mikko Koivisto, pp. 136-149

Answer the question: 1) List 5 the most important terminology and explain them in your own words.  

2. Prendeville, S., & Bocken, N. (2017). Sustainable business models through service design. Procedia Manufacturing8, 292-299.


Analyse an existing service


Read Prendeville, S., & Bocken, N. (2017) paper and identify a similar Finnish company, which utilises sustainable business models as mentioned in the paper, and has a potential for the customer experience improvements. Analyse and visualise this service. For the service visualisation, you can use any of the service design tools that we addressed in a second and third lecture, for example, personas, customer service journey, storyboard, blueprint, service ecology, stakeholders map, etc. For better understanding utilise two different tools like customer service journey and personas. Please do not propose possible service improvements jet, these will be performing at Saturday's workshop. The size of the visualisation has to be A3 or bigger as you will present your visualisation to a group of four people. Homework is compulsory for the workshop!