Substitute assignment for day 1 - DL 17.4.2020

Due: Friday, 17 April 2020, 4:05 PM

The submission box for the substitute assignment for those who couldn't be present in class on Day 1.

If you were absent the whole session 1 on 6.4.2020

Please read through slides of day 1 and the presentation of Sini Vihma

Reflect them through your own experiences and expectations. You can, for instance, think of situations in teaching where you could support interaction.
Or you can also reflect on teaching and learning situations where interaction would have been needed

Please reflect also your role as a workshop master.

Please write one (1) to 1,5 A4 pages and submit it here to this assignment box.

If you were absent partly

Please read and reflect through the slides of Sini Vihma. Please reflect on your own role as a Workshop master.
Did you receive any new thoughts? Or did you receive support or encouragement? Or did you disagree on anything what he has put into his slides?

Please write a half (0,5) to one (1) A4 page and submit it here to this assignment box.