3. Dyeing with direct dyes

3.3. Dyeing in a machine

You can dye large amounts of fabric in a machine. It is more challenging to adjust the shade during the dyeing process than when dyeing by hand, albeit not entirely impossible. While the machine is on, you can add more dye diluted in water into the drum through the detergent compartment. You can also stop the programme half-way through and empty the machine if you are not happy with the resulting shade.

Instructions for dyeing with ESTERI 10

  1. Switch on the main power and open the taps (3).
  2. Add salt to the bottom of the drum.
  3. Wet the material, place it in the drum and close the cover.
  4. Measure and dissolve the pigments in boiling water using a separate container. Add a small amount of cold water; the liquid should not be boiling when you pour it into the machine.
  5. Select the programme and press start.
  6. While the machine is filling with water, pour in the dyeing liquid through the central detergent compartment.
  7. Check the resulting shade at the end of the programme and complete a finishing wash (this will also clean the machine for the next user).
  8. Make sure there are no traces of dye left in the machine. If necessary, run an empty wash cycle with some polyamide fabric.
  9. Turn off the taps (3) and power.

Dyeing programmes ESTERI 10

Select the programme from the front panel of the machine. Determine the amount of water according to the amount of fabric. There are pre-programmed settings for wool; turn the temperature dial to 1 "slow heating".

Stopping and emptying the machine half-way through the cycle

Please refer to the manual on top of the machine for more detailed instructions and information on specific button functions.