3. Troubleshooting

Poor stitches / no stitches at all

  • Check that the tip of the needle is undamaged. Is it facing the right way?
  • Are you sure the threading is done correctly?
  • Is the bobbin the right way? Is it too loose?

Loose stitching / seam looks gathered

  • The top or lower thread is too loose / tight.
  • The needle tip may be damaged.
  • The thread tension is wrong for your material: for thinner material, use looser thread tension and shorter stitch length.

The overlocker does not make stitches

  • Check the threading, usually the thread has come loose from one of the loopers.
  • Always thread the needle last.

Watch the videos

  • 1.3. Threading: Threading.
  • 1.5. Operating and adjusting instructions: How to operate the industrial sewing machine.
  • 2.1. Threading: Threading the overlocker.
When you have checked the above

  • Ask the workshop master for help.