Sewing Studio manual

Learn how to operate and adjust the industrial sewing machines, and learn how to use the steam iron unit. The instruction videos (5) will show you in detail how to operate and adjust the machines.


  • Select the machine according to its intended use (see machine descriptions).
  • Turn off the machine when changing the bobbin / needle, and when checking the threading.
  • Eye and finger protection components cannot be removed.
  • The machines are extremely rarely broken. Usually, the problems are caused by issues with threading or the condition of the needle. Be patient and try to solve the problem.

3. Troubleshooting

Poor stitches / no stitches at all

  • Check that the tip of the needle is undamaged. Is it facing the right way?
  • Are you sure the threading is done correctly?
  • Is the bobbin the right way? Is it too loose?

Loose stitching / seam looks gathered

  • The top or lower thread is too loose / tight.
  • The needle tip may be damaged.
  • The thread tension is wrong for your material: for thinner material, use looser thread tension and shorter stitch length.

The overlocker does not make stitches

  • Check the threading, usually the thread has come loose from one of the loopers.
  • Always thread the needle last.

Watch the videos

  • 1.3. Threading: Threading.
  • 1.5. Operating and adjusting instructions: How to operate the industrial sewing machine.
  • 2.1. Threading: Threading the overlocker.
When you have checked the above

  • Ask the workshop master for help.