Sewing Studio manual

Learn how to operate and adjust the industrial sewing machines, and learn how to use the steam iron unit. The instruction videos (5) will show you in detail how to operate and adjust the machines.


  • Select the machine according to its intended use (see machine descriptions).
  • Turn off the machine when changing the bobbin / needle, and when checking the threading.
  • Eye and finger protection components cannot be removed.
  • The machines are extremely rarely broken. Usually, the problems are caused by issues with threading or the condition of the needle. Be patient and try to solve the problem.

1. Industrial sewing machines

1.1. Winding a bobbin

The bobbin winder pin is located either on the top of the machine or on its side.

Winding a bobbin

  • Insert the bobbin into the bobbin winder pin (1).
  • Lead the thread as shown in the illustration, check that the thread goes through all the guides and between the tension discs.
  • Wrap the thread a few times tightly around the bobbin (2).
  • Press the lock lever (3) against the bobbin and pull the thread end onto the cutter (4).
  • You can wind a bobbin at the same time when sewing OR separately without any fabric, in which case:
  • Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case and the thread from the needle eye, manually lifting up the presser foot.
  • The winding stops automatically when the bobbin is full.
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Inserting a bobbin into the bobbin case

  • The bobbin case is placed either on the left side of the machine or in the front (zigzag machines).
  • The bobbin rotates clockwise.
  • Place the bobbin into its case and lead the thread as shown (1-3).
  • Release the small, hinged latch (4) to insert the bobbin case into the shuttle.
  • Make sure the bobbin is locked in place.
  • It is not necessary to lift the thread separately using the hand wheel.

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