1. Industrial sewing machines

1.4. Main parts of the machine

Main componentsLukkotikkikoneen pääosat
(1) Bobbin winder
(2) Thread wiper
(3a) Lifting lever
(3b) Presser foot's pressure adjustin
(4) Quick reverse
(5) Presser foot
(6) Knee lift assembly (with some machines, presser foot can be lifted with foot pedal)
(7) Power switch
(8) Oil gauge window
(9) Reverse lever
(10) Stitch lenght dial
In addition, the stitch width dial is found from zig-zag machines.
(11) Oil circuit check window
(12) Machine pulley
(13) Operational panel
(14) Cotton stand
(16) Thread take - up cover
(17) Finger guard

The main functions of the operation panel are Lukkotikkikoneen säätöpaneeli
(1) Main screen
(2) Setting buttons
(3) Automatic starting stitches (A-B)
(4) Automatic finishing stitches (C-D)
(9) Thread cutting
(11) Speed level
(12) Speed adjustments
(13) Thread cutting off
(14) Half stich button
(18) Thread viper, lift up the lower thread