Sewing Studio manual

Learn how to operate and adjust the industrial sewing machines, and learn how to use the steam iron unit. The instruction videos (5) will show you in detail how to operate and adjust the machines.


  • Select the machine according to its intended use (see machine descriptions).
  • Turn off the machine when changing the bobbin / needle, and when checking the threading.
  • Eye and finger protection components cannot be removed.
  • The machines are extremely rarely broken. Usually, the problems are caused by issues with threading or the condition of the needle. Be patient and try to solve the problem.

2. Overlockers

2.2. Replacing a needle

Overlockers can usually be operated with one, two or three needles. A four-thread overlocker can be made down to a three-thread machine by removing one of the needles / leaving one of the needles unthreaded.

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Each overlocker has its own set of needles, check the device-specific number.
  • To gain more visibility, turn the presser foot aside using the lever behind the presser foot.
  • Cut the needle threads near the needle.
  • Loosen the needle screws using a small Allen key.
  • Remove the damaged needles and place them in needle waste for recycling.
  • Put the new needles in place, pushing them as high as you can into the slot.
  • Tighten the screws.
  • Thread the needle eye from front to back.
  • Test your stitch on a piece of fabric.