Sewing Studio manual

Learn how to operate and adjust the industrial sewing machines, and learn how to use the steam iron unit. The instruction videos (5) will show you in detail how to operate and adjust the machines.


  • Select the machine according to its intended use (see machine descriptions).
  • Turn off the machine when changing the bobbin / needle, and when checking the threading.
  • Eye and finger protection components cannot be removed.
  • The machines are extremely rarely broken. Usually, the problems are caused by issues with threading or the condition of the needle. Be patient and try to solve the problem.

4. Steam iron unit

The ironing unit is one of the most important devices in the Sewing studio. Ironing is an integral part of costume maintenance, and the structures of sewing projects are ironed between different work stages.

The industrial steam iron unit is good for ironing almost any material. The silicone shield on the bottom of the iron protects the most sensitive materials, and its stops the bottom of the iron from coming into direct contact with the material being ironed. The bottom is warm, but not hot. Without steam, your fabric will not become very smooth. Steam can be produced by pressing the button on the iron handle.

The first table in the ironing unit is equipped with a vacuum. You can use the vacuum for intense ironing of wrinkled fabrics, and it also dries the material. The second ironing table has a blowing feature. It is a good idea to use the blowing, for example, when ironing shirt collars. The vacuum and blowing features are operated with pedals located at the bottom of the appliance.

Remember, hot steam may burn you. If you forget to switch off the device, it may cause a fire hazard.

On / Off

  • 3 buttons in the steam developer, 2 buttons / table (7 in total).
  • The last person working in the facility always turns off the device.


  • Monitor the amount of water throughout the day and add more if necessary.
  • The bottom of the iron is not burning hot, and it does not iron as such.
  • The ironing is done by the steam.
  • The steam button is located on the handle of the iron.
  • Protect the ironing board with a cloth / silicone pad when ironing support fabrics.
Other considerations

  • First test the steam iron on your material with caution.
  • Particularly tightly woven fabrics may push steam back on you.
  • It is not recommended to use the steam iron on sequinned fabrics.