Pre-reading package

Hello everyone,

We would want to give you a warm welcome to the Entrepreneurship Module of Academic learning community course which will give you 0,5 ECTS. We are happy to have you onboard on the journey of entrepreneurship learning. The module will be structured as two compulsory contact sessions on the 22nd of March and 29th of March from 8.30-10.00. However, before we kick-off, we would like you to go through our pre-reading list. Please, be ready to discuss topics from the list during the sessions. Workload estimation for a pre-reading package is maximum 4 hours.

Pre-reading package:

Topic 1: Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Startups

What is entrepreneurship?

Read the article in the attachment – “Entrepreneurship versus intrapreneurship

What is a startup? Why most new companies are not startups? Please read and familiarize yourself with the basic idea of what is a startup. You can use any additional sources, like, too.

Topic 2: Sustainable Development Goals and the State of the World

Sustainable Development Goals

To familiarize yourself with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) you would like to check following content of the official page for SDGs from the United Nations -

State of the World

Please take the Gap Minder test  and make not of your result as well as what you learned. (There is no need to give any personal information on the site.)

Watch the Hans Rosling documentary Don’t Panic (1 h.)  This will be an entertaining and education one hour watch. Remember to make notes on what you learn while you are watching the documentary.