To enter the PCB design track, you should have to following completed:

  • B.Sc. in Automation and Control Engineering or Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • The following courses, 
    • Either
      • ELEC-C1320 Robotics, 
      • ELEC-C4210 Electronics, and 
      • ELEC-C5070 Electronics workshop, 
    • or 
      • ELEC-C3230 Electronics 1, 
      • ELEC-C3240 Electronics 2, and 
      • ELEC-C5070 Electronics workshop
You should have experience in designing simple PCBs by combining existing schematics and reference designs. You must understand the basics of powering PCBs, including how to handle multiple power rails and how to use LDOs and SMPSes.  It is a plus if you have experience on layout design and understand the importance of design rules.

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