IBM Great Outdoors Challenge

Welcome to the IBM Great Outdoors Challenge.

Great Outdoors challenge is going to take you the everyday life of a business analyst within multinational enterprise. Your challenge is to find data-driven insights from the Great Outdoors enterprise data warehouse and then present your findings and your business recommendations to the Great Outdoors management board in short and effective manner.

Please take a look into the Box folder below and download the Great Outdoors Challenge - Students Guide

Read the document through carefully to understand the challenge, the timeline, the success criteria and then start exploring the data. This same folder is used to distribute possible updates and corrections to the challenge, if needed. In case this happens, you will also be notified via email.

Both the challenge data and the data models are now available in your Cognos Analytics environment

Aalto - Cognos Analytics environment

If you have any problems with the Cognos Analytics environment, please contact me at

Deadline for submitting your work (presentation video + pdf/ppt) by 24th of April at 10am.

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