Group work: wellbeing

Group 1:

- equality: every student is accepted as they are, so that they all get the same amount of advice

- atmosphere

- being easy to approach

- taking breaks: importance of having lunch


- cooperation with the teacher: concrete thing to develop would be to have the

feedback visible also to the workshop master

- cooperation from planning the course to workload to goals of the course

Who is responsible for what, what are the goals?

- course feedback visible to workshop masters

- critique feedback / participating to the sessions?

- flexibility, how to make it possible


Group 3:

- students have also their own projects outside courses -> that can affect their

timetables and workload too

- during last 2 years: move from Arabia to Väre and the spaces

- the meaning of the groupwork: how could the workshop masters identify the group work

- the teacher of the course has responsibility

- being human, positive and supporting

- student overall workload with working aside

- students working from early hours until  late night - lot of expectations

- good to have high level of learning, but challenges for students, Aalto level is high

-> being more involved in the teaching, understanding the context of the course work beforehand


Group 2:

- importance of feedback during process: it's important that the workshop master gives feedback that supports

student learning during the process

- guiding students about the possibility to outsource some parts of the work: one doesn't have to do everything alone

- the importance of timely communication with the responsible teacher and workshop master

- managing expectations: what are the needs of the course, what are the learning outcomes

- workshop master as partner, the importance of cooperation with the

responsible teacher

- what next? creating structures for communication before the course begins and during the course between workshop master and teacher; using

tools like Teams for a meeting; Teams chat for timely communication?

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