Laboratory Safety Exam

Procedure for Lab safety exam 

To take the laboratory safety exam, students must register enrol to AALTOLAB ENG Water and Environmental Engineering -course at Log in and Self-enrol to the course (enrollment key: ENGwater). Follow the instructions on the page: watch and understand how various laboratory safety equipment work and take the exam. You are allowed to use the Virtual laboratory while giving this exam. You are also allowed multiple tries. The idea is to ensure that students understand the steps they need to take in case of an accident in the lab and not to blindly memorize lab safety protocol. 


All students must ensure that by Sunday 20.9. (before week 3) students must study the material and take the exam (min 50% correct)

In the beginning of the lab work, Aino organizes a short safety tour in the lab. Only students who have passed the exam, can attend the tour. Only students who have passed the exam and taken the lab tour in our lab can take part in the lab work during week 6.

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