Students and Instructors
Student Topic Instructor
Haajanen, Petri Continuous experimentation Fabian Fagerholm
Kouhia, Eemeli BizDev / BizOps Fabian Fagerholm
Kuusisto, Niklas Continuous experimentation frameworks Fabian Fagerholm
Mäkinen, Jaakko BizDev Casper Lassenius
Mäkinen, Tero Organizing business, development and maintenance teams Casper Lassenius
Naumanen, Iiro MLOps Jari Vanhanen
Noushed, Ahmed Analysis on Continuous Deployments in Software Industries Jari Vanhanen
Pihlava, Ville  Continuous delivery in microservice applications  Jari Vanhanen
Turunen, Noora Continuous planning / roadmapping Casper Lassenius
Pelayo Munoz, Minerva Enablers and inhibitors for enforcing Continuous Experimentation in an early-stage Lean Startup environment. Fabian Fagerholm
Vaissi, Antero Continuous Delivery or DevOps in cross-platform applications Jari Vanhanen
Väärälä, Venla DevOps Cultural Factors at the Team level Lassi Haaranen
Zifan, Xiao Micro-frontends Marko Nieminen

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