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    Start by downloading and reading this preparation letter well before the course starts!

    Welcome to Information and Communication Technology course!  

    In this course you will learn how to process documents, edit raster (pixel-based) images and create layouts for your texts and images. This is an online course, so you will find all the course materials, video tutorials and assignments on this MyCourses site. In addition we will use Teams-app to keep in touch with each other, to ask questions and share comments during the class.
    This course contains lots of information, so it is also important to take enough breaks while studying.

    Join our Teams group here:

    Remote access to Windows classroom computers:

    If you want, you can use Windows classroom computers in Aalto remotely from your own device. Choose classroom U256 (if possible).

    On this video you can see how it works. The video is in Finnish, but hopefully you can get the idea. If not, we can check it out on our first session.


    Tuesday 9.11.

    9.15 Welcome to the course, video meeting in Teams

    9.45–12.00 Photoshop


    klo 13.00–17.00 Photoshop

    Tuesday 16.11.

    9.15 Starting the day in Teams chat, questions and comments

    9.30–12.00 Bridge, Camera Raw


    13.00–15.00 Word

    15.00–17.00 Completion of the Photoshop assignments

    Tuesday 23.11.

    9.15 Video meeting in Teams, review on photo manipulation assignment

    10.00–12.00 Indesign


    13.00–17.00 Indesign

    This timetable is only directional. You can always use more or less time on each section. Please return your photo manipulation (Photoshop) before the review on our last session on 23.11.

    Deadline for the assignments:

    Return all the assignments and the final work by 20.12.2021.

    If you have any questions, contact