Topic outline

  • Welcome to Digital Service Design Project!

    We are Antti and Nuria, your teachers for this course. We will be guiding you through a seven-week project-based course in collaboration with a client partner. 

    Because the course involves a lot of teamwork and independent group assignments we strongly recommend that you reserve every week in your schedule at least one full day for team meetings and group assignments, for example, distributed on Mon - Thu afternoons or Wednesdays full day. Before the course starts please make the necessary arrangements so that you and your teammates can enjoy the course fully.

    Contact teaching sessions are scheduled the following way:

    • Week 1: Tuesday (9.15 - 12h) and Thursday (9.15 - 12h) & (13.15 - 15h) for lectures.
    • Week 2 - 5: Mondays (9.15 - 12h) for group tutorials, Tuesdays (9.15 - 12h) and Thursdays (9.15 - 12h) for lectures, and Thursdays (13.15 - 15h) for tutorials on the programming online learning (MOOC). 
    • Week 6: Monday (9.15 - 12h) for group tutorials, Tuesdays (9.15 - 12h) and Thursdays (9.15 - 12h)
    • Week 7: Monday (9.15 - 12h) for group tutorials and Thursday (9.15 - 15h) for the Final presentation

    The course will start on Tuesday 6th September at 9.15 at U358 Undergraduate Centre. You can find more information on the course in the Syllabus, in the PDF below.

    Looking forward to having you!