Topic outline

  • Sustainable Design Principles

    Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)

    The course Sustainable Design Principles provides a theoretical framework into the systemic interdependencies between the built and the natural environment with focus on the multitude interactions between urbanization, climate and biodiversity. Based on a systemic framework the course focuses on three interdependent areas of ongoing research at the department and their impact on future architectural practice: Resource Cycle, Computational Cycle, and Natural Cycle.

    The course consists of lectures and a number of small assignments that are used for reflecting the lectures topics into various scales and aspects of architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture. The students are also introduced to recent research findings as well as examples from architecture or other relevant fields of arts, design, and technology.

    The course a is linked to the hands-on course ARK-E4018 Sustainability Tools for the Built Environment and complements the topical overview provided by the bachelor-level course ARK-C3000 Introduction to Sustainable Design.

    Note: Lectures in period I will be arranged online only, due to inavailability of sufficient lecture halls. We will inform as soon as it will be possible to return to campus sessions.


    7.9.2022 Introduction (video/pdf)

    14.9.2022  Recap (video/pdf) & Guest Lecture: Barnabas Calder (video/reading1/reading2)

    Resource Cycles

    21.9.2022  Materials

    28.9.2022  Energy

    5.10.2022  Space & Time

    Computational Cycles

    12.10.2022  Performative Form (video1/pdf)

    26.10.2022  Found Form (video2/pdf)

    2.11.2022  Designed Form (video3/pdf)

    Exercise_ComputationalCycle (summary)

    Reading_ComputationalCycle (optional)

    Natural Cycles all lectures in Otaniemi

    9.11.2022  Masteringin in class room Jeti (A Grid) / Zoom Meeting ID: 662 9013 5309

    16.11.2022  Sustaining in class room R030/C202 T1 / Zoom Meeting ID: 662 9013 5309

    23.11.2022  Regenerating in class room Jeti (A Grid) / Zoom Meeting ID: 662 9013 5309


    30.11.2022  Presentation of portfolio & discussion (template) Lecture hall E Hall Y124

    7.12.2022  Guest Lecture: Sarah Ichioka in Zoom Meeting ID: 662 9013 5309, password: nature