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About Aalto Drawing

Here you can find information on the Aalto Drawing app, and the Gamifying Learning in Visual Communication-research project.


Here reside all guides, instructions and the tech help/report bugs forum.

  • Tech Help & Bug Reports
    Aalto Drawing is still a little rough around the edges. Report all bugs, crashes and problems with the app here. If you manage to get a screenshot, please attach it. Thank you!
  • Installation instructions
    Instructions for how to download, install and update the Aalto Drawing application (Android).
  • MyCourses Map
    Hello! You are here right now :) 
  • How to Play 
    Found also in Aalto Drawing Lesson 0.
  • F.A.Q.
    Frequently asked questions. 


  • Aalto Drawing v 1.0 Android
    Download the app here!
  • Starting survey 
    Remember to answer this before playing!

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