Ideation Workshop Homework and Slides

To complete the workshop and get one additional study credit in PdP, you should conclude your homework by: 

1. Read (find this papers below)

  • Thomke (2020), "Building a culture of experimentation," Harvard Business Review and
  • Brown (2008), "Design Thinking," Harvard Business Review.

2. Organize an ideation and idea selection session for your team (3hrs recommended)

  • Identify assumptions in your challenge and generate alternative “How might we” statements.
  • Use at least 2 different ideation methods to generate solutions.
  • Cluster generated solutions and generate names for the clusters
  • Document the 4 most promising or interesting ideas.

3. Write an approx. 3-4 page report

  • Reflect on how your project team could work to support creative processes, citing both papers at least twice (approx 1p)
  • Report your ideation and idea selection session design and reasoning for the design of the session (approx 1p)
  • Report the results of the session (pictures or attachments)
  • Reflect on how the session went and what you would do differently next time (approx 1p)

4. Return your report to Senni Kirjavainen